Watch our Distance Sensor in the video of Dutch daily The Telegraaf

Arend van de Stadt, founder of SmartEagle, explains how the Distance Sensor works in the Telegraaf’s video column “Must-have”.  Presenter Rick van de Graaff also joins the live demonstration to test the Distance Sensor.

In his video columns, Rick normally assesses newly launched gadgets in terms of functionality and user-friendliness. He tests these gadgets and gives a final judgment. Now that more and more initiatives are emerging to shape the six-feet society, Rick has come to visit us to subject the Distance Sensor to his test. He came into our office full of questions: How does the sensor work? What insights can you get from the dashboards? And how can the sensor be implemented?  

In the video, Arend explains the necessity of the Distance Sensor and how it can help companies, theaters and other public spaces to reopen safely. In addition, there are two setups of the Distance Sensor, one of which mimics the situation in a canteen and the other a workspace. Rick joins the employees in the workspace and triggers a red warning signal for not keeping his distance.

Click here to watch the video: