SmartEagle launches IoT solution for social distancing within offices

The distance between people is measured with a network of optical SmartEagle sensors.

Amsterdam, April 10, 2020 – The Amsterdam based company SmartEagle has developed a solution for social distancing. The SmartEagle Distance Sensor measures the distance between people and gives a signal when people are closer then 1.5 meters to each other.

The SmartEagle Distance Sensor uses a network of optical sensors to measure distances between people. The number of persons and their distance are determined. The data from the different sensors are combined to calculate the distance between people. The results are immediately available via a dashboard and various messaging services. Think of a notification on your phone, a traffic light that switches to orange or red or a broadcast message. In addition to offices, the solution can also be used in shops, schools, theaters and other (public) venues.

No smartphones required

The sensors carry a great advantage as they can directly measure the number of people in the location, without them having to carry a smartphone or other device. The SmartEagle Distance Sensor is easy to install on the ceiling, is wireless and provides real-time measurement results. The solution is scalable quickly and can eventually also serve other purposes, i.e. finding free workplaces and monitoring occupancy rate of office spaces.

Arend van de Stadt, CEO of SmartEagle: “At last Tuesday’s press conference, it was announced that businesses should start thinking about how we will slowly return to the office, taking into account the one and a half meters. With a small adjustment, we made our existing solution for finding free workplaces and monitoring occupancy suitable for monitoring the distance of one and a half meters. In busy places within the office environment, such as in the canteen and at the reception, it can be monitored whether the rule is still being observed. A notification to the people present can make it clear that they have to take more distance or better come back later.”