How will we all return to work again soon?

How do you as a building manager ensure that you know how well your visitors keep to the desired 1.5 meters distance?

Last night during the press conference, we were all advised to reflect on the “1.5 meter society”. Prime Minister Rutte called on schools, companies, theaters, institutions, governments and other sectors to think about how we can slowly and safely get out of the intelligent lockdown.

The vast majority of Dutch professionals currently works from home. In addition, working parents are trying to entertain their children and educate them, now that all schools are closed. Whether from April 28 or later, at some point we will restart public life. Slowly the offices will fill again, restaurants will open and the children will go back to school.

How do you protect your employees and customers?

But what will that look like? What can you do as a company to shape the 1.5 meter society within your office walls? How do you protect your employees and customers? Last night Rutte and De Jonge mentioned testing and a possible app. By testing more and more people and keeping track of this with an app, your employees can also keep an eye on whether they have been around a corona patient. Also in the office. They can then take necessary measures, such as keeping an eye out for symptoms, staying at home or notifying a doctor.

1.5 meter society within office walls

In addition to using the app, it is important that people at work and after work are still 1.5 meters apart. Technology can help here too. Measuring how much distance employees and other visitors within a building take from each other can ensure timely intervention. In places where it is difficult to keep a distance, such as at the reception, in the company canteen or at the coffee machine, it is important to keep an eye on the required distance.

Signal when the 1.5 meter is exceeded

SmartEagle measures the number of people in a room, and even at a specific desk. With the Distance Sensor, SmartEagle can also measure whether people keep the 1.5 meter distance. If it gets too crowded somewhere and the 1.5 meter is endangered, an alarm will go off. This can be in the form of a traffic light that switches to orange or red or a television screen that indicates that one should distance himself or better come back later for lunch. But also think of a notification in an app or a broadcast message. The way in which this is communicated must suit the organization and the situation. Many other forms of communication are conceivable.

“We cannot just go back to the old days. We have to get used to the new normal,” Prime Minister Rutte told us yesterday. We are happy to think along with you about how you can best shape the new normal within your office.

SmartEagle Distance Sensor measures with a network of optical sensors

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