Back to the office?

Doing the laundry during working hours, no more traffic jams, better concentration, working from home is not bad at all. In recent months, the Dutch worked at home so overwhelmingly that the Social and Economic Council (SER) even referred to it as the largest homework experiment ever. Slowly there is talk of a return to the office. But do we want to? And does the office function remain the same? More and more people are voting for a better balance between working at home and at the office.


Back to Business safely with the Distance Sensor

In the BNR podcast Back to Business, the Distance Sensor is mentioned as corona-proof solution that can help to safely reopen your office. The podcast highlights products that inspire and entrepreneurs and professionals share their tips and tricks on how to get your company back in business again. Now the intelligent lockdown in the Netherlands is slowly relaxing somewhat and business owners are working on safe ways to get their employees back to office again, there is an increasing need to implement solutions that can help with the 1.5 meter economy. How can you properly open the office doors, get the company going again and provide employees with a safe environment? This can be organized successfully with the Distance Sensor.


You want a corona app and still guarantee privacy? You can with AI!

We are all working on ways to comply with the latest corona guidelines. Whether it is on a terrace, at the office or in schools; life is getting going again and we have to find a new and safe way to move forward. Not surprisingly, corona apps spring up like mushrooms. There is only one recurring theme: What about privacy? However, privacy can be guaranteed with the help of AI (artificial intelligence).


We are participating in the online real estate fair Real Estate Futureproof

With 134 written pitches from 17 different countries, the search for the most innovative sensor parties during the Smart Sensor Challenge was a great success. On Thursday 2 July, discussion tables will be organized based on the 7 most relevant themes of the Smart Sensor Challenge. This will take place during the online real estate […]


Watch our Distance Sensor in the video of Dutch daily The Telegraaf

Arend van de Stadt, founder of SmartEagle, explains how the Distance Sensor works in the Telegraaf’s video column “Must-have”. Presenter Rick van de Graaff also joins the live demonstration to test the Distance Sensor.

BNR Radio interviews Arend van de Stadt

BNR Radio interviews Arend van de Stadt about SmartEagle’s Distance Sensor

How do we help our employees and visitors to adopt to this new way of interacting in the workplace and keep their distance?

The distance between people is measured with a network of optical SmartEagle sensors.

SmartEagle launches IoT solution for social distancing within offices

The Amsterdam based company SmartEagle has developed a solution for social distancing. The SmartEagle Distance Sensor measures the distance between people and gives a signal when people are closer then 1.5 meters to each other.

How do you as a building manager ensure that you know how well your visitors keep to the desired 1.5 meters distance?

How will we all return to work again soon?

The vast majority of Dutch professionals currently works from home. In addition, working parents are trying to entertain their children and educate them, now that all schools are closed. Whether from April 28 or later, at some point we will restart public life.