BNR Radio interviews Arend van de Stadt about SmartEagle’s Distance Sensor

Since the outbreak of the Corona virus, in the Netherlands the minimum distance of six feet is set as one of the measures to reduce the risk of contamination. Until a vaccine has been developed, a distance of six feet remains part of our new way of living. How do we help our employees and visitors to adopt to this new way of interacting in the workplace and keep their distance?

BNR Radio interviews Arend van de Stadt
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In an interview with BNR Radio, Arend van de Stadt explains how the Distance Sensor works and we organized a live demonstration of the product. During the live demonstration, the interviewer asks one of our team members to come too close to another team member in the room.

The goal of the SmartEagle is to help people comply with the new guidelines for a social distance of six feet.

The sensor detects the distance between the two people and signals that they are too close. This leads to an alert that can be viewed on a dashboard. The dashboard gives the facility manager actionable insights into real-time social distancing in the office. These alerts can also be shown via other possible means of communication, such as a traffic light or a message on your phone.

Listen to the radio fragment here on the BNR website.