Back to Business safely with the Distance Sensor

In the BNR podcast Back to Business, the Distance Sensor is mentioned as corona-proof solution that can help to safely reopen your office. The podcast highlights products that inspire and entrepreneurs and professionals share their tips and tricks on how to get your company back in business again. Now the intelligent lockdown in the Netherlands is slowly relaxing somewhat and business owners are working on safe ways to get their employees back to office again, there is an increasing need to implement solutions that can help with the 1.5 meter economy. How can you properly open the office doors, get the company going again and provide employees with a safe environment? This can be organized successfully with the Distance Sensor.

During the interview, Arend van der Stadt, business owner of SmartEagle, explains how the original version of the SmartEagle sensor, that monitors workplace occupancy, was transformed to the Distance Sensor. The sensor is expanded during the corona outbreak with two additional functions; measuring the number of people in an office space and measuring the distance between them. The collected data is completely anonymous. The sensors don’t measure who is in the room, but whether there are people in the room.

Using the Distance Sensor has many advantages. The employer, facility manager or managing director can gain insight into whether employees and visitors keep a safe distance and they can learn how the building is being used, for example, which spaces are crowded on what moments and where is a lot of free space. They can also monitor the amount of people in a certain space real-time. By means of the collected data, people counting and crowd management are possible and enable you to limit and control the number of people in a space. Users can view the data in an app. For example, if they want to grab a cup of coffee, they can see whether the coast is clear and comply with the 1.5 meter rule.

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